Fillers For Legs

Legs have always been very important for women. They want to be sure from their you legs when they wear swim suit or mini skirt. If your legs are too thin and this situation disturbs you can benefit from this application. Also knock-knee treatment is made by leg fillers.

Leg fillers involves collecting fat from the patient’s own body and injecting it into other places that require it. Fat transfer is a riskless application. Leg fillers is very popular among patients who are frightened from surgery and do not want to get silicone implants.

If the fat is transfered from patient’s own body, 2 sessions are sufficient. Because, fat loss may occur in the first session and legs may not accept fat. For this reason, after the first sessions, legs are checked and parts are determined which need to be corrected. After session 2, leg’s last situation becomes apparent. You should consult with an expert to get more detailed information.