Prp Information

PrP is an application that was tried for periodontal disease a few years ago by doctors. After this application, a great healing has been seen on gingiva. Then, experts was used this application on scalp and face that need to be repaired again. This application is extremely important for the aesthetic and approved by all the experts. Now, people benefiting from this application for their wrinkles and revival dead skins. And good results have been obtained. If you wish to benefit from this application, you can come to our clinic.
We can not say directly prp is a stem cell application. However, prp has indirect effects on stem cells. When you decided to get prp injection, you should consult with an expert. In this application, blood must first be drawn from patient and the platelets are separated from other blood cells. Prp is completely done with the healing properties of your blood. If you wish to benefit from this application, you can come to our beauty center. Experts in our health center will give you information about this application. . You can use this application without any trouble and side effects. The people will say you “ You look younger, did you have plastic surgery?”.You will realize rejuvenation and regeneration on your skin.