SpaShape Regional Slimming Miracle

In world conditions, obesity (overweight) is the biggest problem of women and man visually and psychologically… Technological devices, organic drugs, and many exercise methods were discussed about obesity…. But none of the patients did not get exact result and got desperate.

Because, technological devices are not sufficient and alongside them you need a strict diet or a heavy exercise… Most of the patients are affected from the complications of fitness, diet, medication, surgical operations and so they lose their self-confidence. At this point, Spashape is the Perfect Solution for Regional Slimming and Tightening.

What is SpaShape?

SpaShape, totally non invasive uniquely combines scanning diodes 635mn laser therapy with fractional focalised energy for cellulite and adipose tissue.
The most important feature is;
With no medicine injection….. It is completely safe.

Other Features

* Clinically proven
*Darbeli odak ultrasonlar yağın ilk katmanlarından odak yağ tabakasına kadar tedavide etkisini göstermiştir.
* Fractional Focalised Energy beams are emitted in dynamic lines to fractionate fat tissue.
* Men and women specifıic programs. (Compatible with all body structures)
* Scanning diodes 635mn laser therapy with fractional focalised energy (Totally non invasive and painless)
*CE Certificated
* International licensed. (A61N7N7 /00)
* It is the unique device that offers regional slimming with laser and high focused ultrasound.